Block Party on Pearsall Place

So yesterday we went to Deana’s block party and had a fantastic time. Danny & I remember from our respective childhoods about having block parties and the different attractions that would be there from the whip to swings and pirate ships. Unfortunately, our current block is fairly dull and there has been no block parties here.

Deana reminded me about the party while I was getting my hair done and I remembered what a good time Ryan and I had last year at the block party. We had gone with Donna, Kailey and Nicky that year in September. That time, they had pony rides, a bouncy house and a magician. I told Danny and the kids about it and the planned itinerary (including a fear factor contest involving eating bugs) and we were good to go (well sort of – hard not to get lazy on a hot humid summer day). We roused ourselves around 3pm and headed over to Merrick.

As soon as we got there, we saw the giant water slide being set up. While we waited for that, the boys found a slip ‘n slide already in action and a pool full of “snow” to slide into. Danny and I spied a table in a bit of shade and snagged it. Deana came over with chips, cashews and pretzel chips and we dug in of course (after I went and got Danny a beer). Once the water slide was ready I grabbed the boys and got them on line. Deana came over with all sorts of penny candy (you know, the kind you ate when we were kids) and it was fun to pick through and reminisce. They had wax lips, candy cigarettes, little Styrofoam flying saucers filled with candy, chunky bars, Oh Henrys, Pixie Sticks and other assorted old fashioned goodies. The boys had to try the wax lips and of course the candy cigarettes. The best was that Matty smoked them like a girl. I was giggling as I took his picture and Danny finally explained to him the correct way for a guy to hold a cigarette. NOT THAT MY KIDS WILL EVER SMOKE BECAUSE I WOULD CHOKE THEM.

There was a bouncy house set up and Ryan spent a good amount of his time playing in there. Matty kept going on the water slide – he was so wet his eyelashes were sticking together. Ryan shied away from the water slide because he banged his head. Unfortunately the pool at the bottom was not sufficiently filled so he smacked the back of his head on concrete. Thank God he has a hard head and got away with a bump. They put all sorts of delicious sandwiches and hot food out for everyone and a pizza for the kids. We filled out plates and dug into garlic knots, penne pasta, sausage and peppers etc.

After everyone ate, Deana busted out the silly string. The kids had a blast shooting everyone and each other with it. What a mess it makes!!! I do not envy whoever would have to clean up after the onslaught.

It was a fun filled afternoon and we left close to 7pm – it was a great way to spend a day and create a nice summer memory for the kids! Here are some great pictures of our day:

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