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Summer Kickoff

Its been a while since I blogged – been hectic lately! It seems that the time between our trip to Disney and now has been a blur! Well I think part of the problem is that summer has shown up early this year. It was the first Memorial Day in years that it was so warm. I remember it being in the 60s the last couple of years.

We kicked off our planting Memorial Day Weekend with a trip to Dee’s Nursery. Mr. Dee loves my family – we drop hundreds of dollars in his store but they have such a fantastic selection. We also stopped at Atlantic Nursery too on Monday. Sunday we went to a barbecue at my in-laws. My sister-in-law and family were there too so it was a nice family event. Mainly we had to get Matty’s new quad up there and out of our garage. Matty test drove it in the cul de sac next to my house and of course some jerk called the cops.

Matty riding his quad:

So the kids played in the pool (not me – water was way too cold – if it isn’t 85 degrees or better I can’t do it) and had a blast. Matty was like a fish, as usual and Ryan did great wearing his new floating wet suit. He wore it until he decided he was done and took it off. Later he was hanging out back by the pool while Danny and Matty were swimming. The next thing we knew, he was in the pool without it and doing great. SCARED THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!! Danny hightailed it over to him to make sure he was safe and to show him where it was safe to stand. I know he will be swimming by the end of this summer – that’s for sure. Nicky had a ball floating in his baby float – he loved splashing in the water. Sure beats the stroller! That’s the tough part about being a toddler – you have to trap them to keep them safe and all they want to do is play.
Matty got his quad broken in, that’s for sure. Ryan rode the junior quad and they were tearing up the riding ring. The best was that Bobby wanted to ride and was bumming rides off Matty. He took Kailey for a ride and Matty too.

Nicky swimming around like a champ:

Thank God it was a short week with a nice big highlight – I got my new truck!!!! I love it but it is complicated. BMW redesigned the X5 for 2007 and teched it all out. I actually didn’t sit with my salesman, Chris Michaleas, for the overview. I sat with an actual tech guy because it is that complicated. This is the first car I have had that I actually needed to break open the owner’s manual. So I got the X5 4.8l – 8 cylinder. This truck has BALLS!!!!! I also got navigation, I-Dock, and a rear camera that lets me see exactly what is behind me when I back up – very cool. Also, the sunroof is almost the whole roof of the truck – extends over the back seat passengers too.

Today I actually got involved in a game of tag lol. I took the boys to Baldwin Harbor Park to play for a while. While we were there, a little boy came over and was playing in the same play area as my two little monsters were. Matty was whining about going over to the track by the middle school to run (ah no way) and I suggested playing a game of tag. They agreed and asked the little boy, Collin, to play. So they were running all over the playground getting nice and sweaty. It was Collin’s first time playing tag so he needed a little instruction as to how the game works. Then, we worked in the finer points like “no tag backs” and “base”. Ryan and Collin were always getting tagged so I decided to even it up a little bit. I had Ryan tag me and then I went after Matty. Soon Collin was “it” again and having trouble so his Dad got into the game. Danny showed up and joined right in. Soon we were all thirsty and sweaty and then it was time to go. The boys said goodbye to their new friend and home we went. Its good to play like a kid every once in while – good exercise and the kids really enjoy it.

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