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Today was the perfect day to not get out of the pyjamas. The only one who managed to get dressed and break ranks was Danny. So he got voted to go to Walbaums during this Nor’Easter – that will teach him! I am lucky I am even conscious considering I waltzed in the door at 4am this morning. Who do I think I am – some twenty something out on the town, boozing it up with the girls? Every once in a while, damn right LOL! But it does me in the next day – even if I don’t drink too much (and I didn’t last night for reasons I will explain below), I still end up dragging, needing the scrambled eggs and cheese breakfast and my spot on the couch all day. I can’t party all night and bounce right back.
It was a hectic week at work – last week for one of my paralegals. She gave us two weeks notice – one week of work and a week of vacation – go figure. Thank God we have a bigger office and more staff so something like this doesn’t affect us as badly. I am not unhappy about the situation, I just do not look forward to the replacement search and the learning curve. But we were jumping – a bunch of closings, contracts etc. A meeting with a new mortgage broker, referred to us by Geri’s husband, was definitely the highlight. The game plan is to gather more baskets to get our eggs from so that we aren’t reliant upon any one client. Definitely have a good feeling about going out after new clients – its Spring – and getting warmer (well hopefully it is – seems more wintry right now) and that is absolutely our best time to wine and dine.
On Saturday, this family ventured out to Roosevelt Field. Not that I am thrilled about shopping with all the boys. I wanted to get a dress for Felicia’s birthday night that night and I really didn’t have much choice. Of course all the stores I wanted to go to the boys would curl their lips and say “Ewwww girl stuff”. That didn’t stop me – the first place I went, Forever 21, I hit the jackpot. Bought 5 dresses that I absolutely loved (and had actually tried on). Of course we had to hit the Disney store where we were assaulted by our children to buy them everything, but I balanced it out with a trip to Sephora where the boys stood by a pole looking at me forlornly.
Now all the girls were going out for the birthday shindig and the limo was supposed to pick up Lisa, Geri and myself from my house at 8pm. 8pm – imagine? Dinner at 9:30pm thats crazy talk for this girl. Usually if we go out for dinner its with the early bird folk LOL. So Geri and Lisa got to my house and we got the phone call that the limo company screwed up and had gone directly to Queens, leaving us no choice but to drive in. So I volunteered and became the designated driver (which again, wasn’t the most horrible thing because I could have easily spent this day with my head in the toilet) and we drove in. We all got in the limo, I busted out the CDs I burned for the occasion and off we went to NYC. The limo driver called ahead to the restaurant, Havana Alma de Cuba, where Felicia had made arrangements, and signed a contract for dinner, to let them know we might be a little late. The Maitre’D took it upon himself to change our reservations from 9:30 to 10:30pm. We got there at 9:30pm and there was no table for us. Arguing with the guy was futile and after I had to tell him to get his hands out of my face, I really didn’t feel like eating there.
So Felicia suggested changing plans and eating dinner at Earth NYC where we had planned to hang out afterwards. So off to Chelsea we went for a very East Asian meal. I enjoyed my dinner, not that I could pronounce it. Drinking mango martinis and then some Pino Grigio, loosened everyone up and the 80s house music sure put everyone in the mood to dance. Once dinner was over, the staff cleared the tables and people began to dance. Out came a belly dancer who balanced a plate on her head, loaded with lit tapers. She also held two lit votive candles in her hands. She undulated up and down stairs and sometimes on one leg. It was pretty cool to watch and admire cause there is no way on God’s green earth I could do that. As it got later, we noticed that the clientele was also very East Asian and other miscellaneous folk and that we stuck out like a sore thumb – especially me and Bizerka, the blondes of the group. We finally headed out at 2am (OMG did I say 2am?????) and we got to Felicia’s house at 3am. Then I drove back to Long Island, exhausted and through the rain. Dropped off Lisa and Geri and then home to bed.
So I am definitely partied out for now. This is twice in 4 weeks that I went out and didn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning. Missing my bedtime is not good for me so I think I will stick to happy hour or so until the next big event.

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Last week in review: HECTIC! Ryan adjusted to his new glasses like a pro! We never expected him to take to it so easily but once the glasses came on, he wanted to wear them all the time. Matty was an exceptional big brother and made a big fuss over Ryan – told him that… Continue Reading

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