So I closed my office for Good Friday and took the day off to spend with the boys. I wasn’t too sure about my decision Thursday night when I came home to them in a major time out. I don’t know if the vacation time triggered it, but Matty was in a particularly evil frame of mind all week. Between being unable to keep his hands off his brother and his smart mouth remarks, Matty was constantly in trouble. So, it appears that, after being told a half hour earlier to stop fighting, the two boys were rolling around in the basement, with blankets over their head (a big no-no in this house) and they rolled over Ryan’s glasses. So we made in only 9 days without incident. The glasses weren’t totally broken, but the hinge is definately loose and Danny had to bend them back into place. Not a happy Holy Thursday, I tell you.

So it was me and the boys on Good Friday. I scheduled an 11am contract in my office (I just didn’t want to do it on Thursday night) so I had to bring them with me. It was a miracle – they were actually good. We made several stops, starting with Cohen’s Fashion Optical to pick up Ryan’s good glasses, then my office (where they were pretty good, for them) and shopping. We stopped at Creative Child (one of my favorite places to shop for educational stuff, games etc) to pick Ryan up a new math workbook. He finished the Kindergarten math book and needed the 1st grade book (not bad for a 4 1/2 year old who will be starting Kindergarten in September) and I wanted to pick up some things for Easter. Then we went to Michaels (although they did suffer from a case of the “gimmees” – I didn’t get fleeced too bad there) and a quick stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond because I was out of coffee and that constituted an emergency. They were an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 and I never expect a 10. That would require a total eclipse of the sun or something.

At home, I needed a 30 minute power nap and they let me! That was definately a miracle. I woke up at 4am yesterday and didn’t get back to sleep until 6. Of course, this is the day Ryan wakes up at 7:30am. But I got my power nap while the boys played in the basement. Ryan played with his new marble run from Creative Child and Matty drew with our new, 100 market set with indelible ink (yes I am insane). Danny came home after swinging by storage to pick up our easter baskets and some decorations. We definately slacked this year on the easter decorations but now we got some up. Their cousin Kailey came over to play a while and we got to visit with Nicky and Donna. Amazingly I watched Nicky pull himself up to standing. I was fascinated because that is definately the beginning of the end. Once a baby stands, you know they get that evil glint in their eye and they are bent on taking over the world and wreaking havoc.

A nice dinner of baked ravoli, shrimp parm hero and fried calamari, compliments of Ginos and coloring easter eggs rounded out our night. Matty did some more of his sudoku and then it was bed time. A pretty “good” Good Friday – although the boys are definately going to have some basement cleaning to do – what a disaster area!!!!

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