Monthly Archives: May 2008

Matty’s First Communion

Yesterday, we celebrated Matty’s first communion at St. Christopher’s RC Church in Baldwin. Although it was pouring the night before, the sun came out for us. While I wasn’t thrilled with the way the Religious Education department handled certain aspects of the program (didn’t allow the kids to walk up the aisle, communal banner instead of individual ones or pictures in church), it was still a beautiful ceremony and Matty was so handsome and grown in his first suit.

After Church, we went to the Milleridge Inn to celebrate with the family. This was the place my family always celebrated major occasions including my first Communion. Not only are they pros at handling events like this, they have the Village with old fashioned candy & toy shops, a bakery & jam shop and various other little places to investigate. The kids had a blast and Ryan swears to me that he is the one who discovered the Village.

Today, Matty goes to Church again, dressed in his communion suit, to celebrate with the rest of the St. Christopher’s community. Next week we have the May Crowning and he gets to wear it again which is nice.

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