Why Cleaning Is So Rewarding

Why Cleaning Is So Rewarding

With Miche going out of business, it was time to inventory my collection. To do that, required cleaning out the basement.  You have no idea what our basement has degenerated to.  It’s a cesspool filled with old toys, broken things, piles of tiny little things like nerf bullets, lego pieces, linkin logs, bakugan to name a few. Let me put it this way…I have to pass this room the get to our laundry room, pantry etc and I just look straight ahead and avoid eye contact with this monster.

But, now it needs our attention.  This is going to be torture as I can’t even see the carpet.  One by one I sort the little things into boxes.  Oh Star Wars figures…those damn things are littered everywhere as well.  Looks as if the Death Star scored a direct hit on our basement. But I digress.

While I was sorting all these crap that covered the Thomas the Tank Engine train table (did I mention my boys are 13 and 16 now?), I came across this little gem:

Ok.  Let’s look at this.  Apparently the boys decided to have a party at some point in time and judging from the handwriting it was a while ago.   And they invited their father but not me? Really?! Getting past this possible slight, the boys were apparently concerned that Danny might not behave…so concerned they needed him to execute an agreement to behave.  What kind of mischief, on the part of their father, prompted the necessity for a contract? We may never know. 

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