Vendor Events: Friend or Foe?

Vendor Events: Friend or Foe?

Most direct sellers, eager to share their new business, will sign up for every vendor event they come across. Disappointment ensues after they spend money for vendor tables and displays, and hours on their feet with no sales.  Are there other ways to meet people and get your product out there? Yes – it just takes time to develop and I will share my system for building your own personal ecosystem for your business in a future post.

I did this online seminar for my Miche team but posted it on YouTube because really any direct seller or entrepreneur can benefit from the tips I share.  Rule #1: You are not at vendor events to sell – you are there to qualify leads. “What?!”, you say! That’s right – leads are the goal.  Sales at Vendor Events are short term but people, we are after the long term. We want good, solid leads for future business, parties and team members.  

So learn how to select the right vendor events for you and how to qualify leads to maximize your time at the event:

What are your thoughts on vendor events? Do you find them worth the time and money? 

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