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Spring Is In The Air!

Today, it felt like Spring was in the air and boy did that feel good! I am definately one of those people who are affected by the weather. Late winter kills me – all I want to do is hibernate. Today I felt alive and I actually wanted to leave the house LOL. Went to the gym this morning and had a fantastic workout with Jerri. Not only is she a fantastic trainer, she is hilarious! At the end of the session, we always do a pretty intense ab workout on a fitness ball. So while I am bent over this thing, I noticed I had some old man’s ass hanging in my face. Of course, as I am going through the repetitions, Jerri is whispering to me how the old man is probably farting and it must smell like cat food (YUCK!!!!). Very motivating, isn’t it? I just tried to find a happy place! Today I actually felt like working out and it was good.

I went over to Oceanside to the Sands Mall (fantastic spot – Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Express to name a few- and all have terrific stock because this strip mall is a hidden gem). Shopped at Gap and Children’s Place for the boys, picked up Flushed Away and Uncle Buck at F.Y.E. and met my sister in law for coffee at Starbucks to talk about our upcoming family vacation at Disney (year 5 for us) among other things. I definately needed Uncle Buck with this family’s new infatuation with bowling. I also picked up the new SSX snowboarding game for Wii – SWEET DUDE!!! It was a peaceful afternoon – I didn’t have any appointments and it is nice to take a break from the fast pace we had in the office up to the end of the year. The rat race will start up again this Spring as people’s thoughts start to turn to house buying – atleast we all hope so!

So I bought out the store over at Gina Miller’s shop. Got a nice email from her today thanking me. See courtesy is still alive and kicking – especially in the digiscrapping world. I love her designs – especially these adorable felt circles and felt hearts I picked up, amongst other things. Please visit her shop, you definately won’t leave empty handed. I am definately going to scraplift some of her layouts – I have her gallery linked on my blog under Scrapinspiration.


Wow, I can’t believe March 1st is Thursday! February flew by with a little bit of snow but pretty much not worth mentioning. My sons were praying for a snow day today (me too – wanted a long weekend) but for Baldwin schools to close, it has to be some serious snow. So we trudged… Continue Reading

Saturday was a very special day – I finally got chair rails in my living room and dining room! Yippee!!! I love the look of mouldings – I think they really enhance any space. Danny got out his pneumatic nail gun and bam! it was done in no time. Too bad its so we can… Continue Reading

So I am a digiscrapper – I love the cleanliness and flexibility of it – appeals to my geeky nature LOL! I am fully addicted to Photoshop CS2 – which I think is the best program for digiscrapping. It has a tougher learning curve but it is worth it. If you want to get a… Continue Reading

So this is my first post on my new blog here on blogger. I had been posting on Yahoo and on MySpace, but I needed something different – more adult – so here I am! Its a quiet moment – kids are still sleeping and I was up at the crack of dawn so nothing… Continue Reading

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