So this is my first post on my new blog here on blogger. I had been posting on Yahoo and on MySpace, but I needed something different – more adult – so here I am! Its a quiet moment – kids are still sleeping and I was up at the crack of dawn so nothing exciting has happened in my life…yet.

I think the Catholic Church puts it best when it describes certain times of the year as “Ordinary Time” – thats where we are now – Ordinary Time. Nothing exciting – getting towards the end of Winter but its still miserable out and nothing to make us feel good about it, like Santa or anything like that. Winter is only exciting during the Christmas Season with all the Joy. Lights, Elves and such. Now it just stinks. We really haven’t had any snow to speak of either – just a lousy slush/ice storm. Nothing worse than stepping into a giant slush puddle – which I did alot of just trying to get to the sidewalks. Probably the only good part is depicted in the layout below – the kids sledding with Poppy on Sunday. (papers – wintersong from scrapartist; scrapgirls styles: chipboard and grunged metal and J. Burkhart’s template)

So far this Winter Recess week has been pretty good with the kids. Matty was excited to be off and spend some time with Emily. They have been having a blast making their own pizza, going to play at McDonalds, having Wii parties every morning and going to Score. Wednesday, I took off and we went bowling – the kids, Emily, Felicia and I met Aimee and her kids and friends at Baldwin Bowl. This is our newly rediscovered winter pasttime – its alot of fun and excercise too (would be better if they didn’t sell nachos though LOL). Ryan is the best though – he doesn’t bowl – he shotputs it down the alley. It works for him though – uses the bumpers like the ball is a pinball and manages to get strikes and spares! I have to sign Danny & I up for the Oakwood Bowl Fund Raiser at the end of March – unlimited bowling 9 to midnight with food, fun and prizes – oh definately gonna need a babysitter for that one! I need to get Danny a bowling ball – he wants a gold ball with the name “Buck” engraved on it LOL!

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