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So yesterday being a crappy, rainy day and half the people in the NY Metro area not going to work, why should I buck the system??? So I took the day off and went bowling with the kids. We tried to go to our usual bowling alley in Baldwin but alas, an orthodox Jewish boys camp took over the place and not a single lane was available for this gentile family.

So we decided to try the Garden City Bowl on Stewart Avenue. We looked it up in my X5’s navigation, called them to confirm they had open lanes and off we went. What a beautiful alley! Clean, spacious, balls color coded by weight – it was a bowler’s dream. The boys grabbed their puke colored 6 lbs and we marched to our alley for a serious game of bowling. I am a one game girl – meaning that the first game I truly kick ass and then its all downhill from there. I bowled a 196. That’s right folks – you read it right 196!!!! Then the next game a 116 – oh well.

Matty did great – bowled a couple of strikes and spares too. He switched to an 8lb ball and did much better – needed the extra weight to knock the pins down. Ryan wasn’t that into it this time but I did manage to get his special method of bowling on video – take a gander at this video – it is truly priceless!:

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  1. I love it! I remember the last time I went bowling with you guys how funny Ryan is. This really is priceless!!!


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