Leap Into Prima With a Huge Sale!

Leap Into Prima With a Huge Sale!

Miche’s Prima is hands-down my favorite size purse.  I can fit everything I need into it including my iPad, Stylebooks, and everything else a girl needs.  It also makes a fabulous office tote and a fashionable school bag for teens and tweens.

Here you can get an idea of the size of the Prima Base Bag:

Miche Prima Base Bag


Compare the Prima to Miche’s other size Base Bags:

Interchangeable Miche base bags


So, you can actually get your hands on a Prima Base and Faces for a fabulous price! For Leap Year Weekend Only, you can purchase the prima base bag and several Prima Faces for the ridiculous price of $16!  Miche’s Leap Into Prima Sale is a once every four years kind of sale, so don’t miss out! As you can see, a few faces have already sold out:

Prima Bag on sale now



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