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Our Lost Winter Recess

So my boys did not have a winter break. Or at least, not the way it was intended to be – with fun, playdates etc. Nope – we got the virus – not exactly the flu but close enough. Ryan brought it home from school (some other little kindergardener who refuses to cover his or her mouth when they cough or dripping with snot) and started getting sick last Saturday night. Matty came down with it on Tuesday and it nailed me on Thursday. And I had the flu shot!!! I went to the doctor to try to head it off and he prescribed a steroid – I don’t know if it helped much or just got me through Friday in one piece. Today is the first day since Thursday that I feel better – weak, but better. The boys took it hard as well – 103 degree fevers and being too weak and tired to do anything but lay on the couch. Here is a picture of Matty somewhat on the mend:

So we tried to do some fun things – even though the boys were stuck inside. We made shrinky dinks. These things are alot of fun and I had shrinky dink inkjet paper to work with too. So I printed out some animals and we made pushpins out of them. The boys drew on some of the shrinky dink paper and made their own designs. We also introduced a new trick that I found online – adding clear embossing powder after the shrinky dinks bake and then bake another 4 minutes. It adds another nice, clear, shiny layer. Here is a picture of our creations:

Friday we had a snow day. I got the boys outside for a little bit to shovel and play. They were stir crazy at this point and I needed to dig my truck out. I actually had a closing to go to (even though I was infected with the creeping crud). Of course, I couldn’t resist making some snowballs. Lucky for the boys, my aim stinks – I am lucky I can hit the side of a wall. On the other hand, Ryan has fantastic aim! Here is a nice snowy picture of our backyard:

Today we are just chilling out – I am recovering, Matty is enjoying his 12 hour marathon of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl on Cartoon Network and Ryan is trying to entice Danny to play Scooby Doo with him on XBox360. We are also making a nice slow cooker pork roast with green apples and onions (smells yummy!). I might make some pokemon shrinky dinks for Matty if I can muster up the energy and some of those peanutbutter fudge cookies (just cause they are so awesome!).

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