Wow, I can’t believe March 1st is Thursday! February flew by with a little bit of snow but pretty much not worth mentioning. My sons were praying for a snow day today (me too – wanted a long weekend) but for Baldwin schools to close, it has to be some serious snow. So we trudged to school through the slush (again). I have two contract signings today – of course at opposite ends of the day – but altogether not too taxing. Everyone knows I am not a Monday girl and the last thing I need is a complicated day.

We had a blast yesterday bowling with my sister-in-law and family. Matthew, Ryan and Kailey had a great time bowling (they all have their own style too – Matty tries to bowl like an adult, Kailey rolls in from between her legs and Ryan, well, Ryan shot puts it) while Nicholas clapped and cheered them on. The adults had a great time too – although this was the first time in a long time we bowled without bumpers. The kids make great use of the bumpers – they bowl like it is pinball and it works for them like a charm. I am a great first game girl – I bowled over a 150 the first game and then its all downhill from there. Danny got steadily better (must have been the beer!). Ryan’s big score was cleaning out the Superball game in the game room. It must have been malfunctioning and it kept spitting out superballs. One of the best things about bowling, is how it tires out the kids. The two of them just lolled on the couch until bedtime – they didn’t have the energy to even annoy each other – go figure!

So I made two embellishments in honor of St. Patty’s Day. Again, my obsession with felt continues.

You can download the shamrock here and the bracket here. If you like ’em -leave me some love – thanks!

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