Debunking Summer Kid Myths

Debunking Summer Kid Myths

It seems when summer rolls around some rules are suspended according to kids.  What is it about these two months that turn our world upside down?  Some things I have heard:


“I don’t need to take a shower – I was in the pool”

Sorry Junior, you still need soap – chlorine, kid pee and whatever else is floating around in the pool is no substitute!


“Its light out – I can’t go to bed!”

I don’t give a damn if it is light out 24/7 like Alaska – your bedtime is 9pm and it doesn’t change because the days are longer now.


“I get tan so I don’t need sunscreen”

This one goes for you adults also – just because you tan doesn’t mean that you aren’t exposing yourself to possible skin cancer.  Remember, a tan is actually a sign of sun damage.  Put on that sunscreen!


Any crazy things you hear from your kids?

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