Guitar Hero II Rocks Our House!

So we hit Toys R Us on Saturday for a little free for all. Actually, the main reason we went was so that Matty could buy yet another bubble lawn mower. He has had several and worn them all out. Nevermind that the bubble lawn mower is for toddlers, Matty had to own one again so he paid for it out of his own money.

You can never go to a toy store and walk out with one item. Impossible. I challenge anyone with a child under 10 to try and come out with one toy and the hair still on their head. So we got the mower, a design/build sprinkler toy, an I SPY puzzle (if you guys know our family you know exactly who that was for), backpacks and lunch boxes (which did not coordinate for some reason) for both boys, a water back pack for Matty’s water gun ( so he never runs out of ammo – poor Ryan!), and Ratatouille for XBOX 360. I wandered into the electronic gaming section after walking through the boys toys section (my eyes glaze over there after a while) and came upon the Guitar Hero display. Lo and behold, they had Guitar Hero II for XBOX 360. So I bought it – I was definitely ready to rock. A product of the 80s hairband and metal era, I had played guitar (nice Ibanez Roadstar) and so did Danny (Marshall half stack, BC Rich Warlock and other guitars still in my basement).

We waited for the kids to go to bed and then we busted the guitar controller out of the box and set out to play. Of course it isn’t easy but practice makes perfect. So far we have unlocked Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil (we went to the Dr. Feelgood concert at the Nassau Coliseum) and have been making money. Matty gave it a try this morning and is progressing nicely. Here is a video of him practicing Surrender:

A guitar god in the making – wearing his wife beater and cars sleep shorts lol!

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