My Favorite Pinterest Pins for the Week of March 10th

My Favorite Pinterest Pins for the Week of March 10th

I am an admitted Pinterest fanatic and I wanted to share with you my favorite pins from the past week:

 Sweet Italian Sausage With Penne Pasta

I do so love pasta and this just looks absolutely delicious! I have found so many wonderful recipes through Pinterest – can’t wait to try them all!

Childhood Memories

I love these posts of things we did that we not might have remembered.  The game of not allowing a balloon to reach the floor brings back so much memories.  My kids played this too!

DIY Chip Clips

To me, buying chip clips is such a colossal waste of money – the damn things always seem to break or just mysteriously disappear! Now, instead of throwing out those crappy hangers you get from Target, upcycle them!

The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake

Ok, it has a golden crown and is up on a beautiful pedestal  – it must be the ultimate vanilla cupcake!  This blogger went through a lot of trouble to try different recipes and even involved readers in taste tests.  I am definitely going to have to bake this one!





I love the look of these monsters – will have to blow the dust off my sewing machine!!!

So there you have it, a small sample of what I discovered this week on Pinterest – stay tuned for next week’s segment!

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