Pinterest – My New Fav Site!

Pinterest – My New Fav Site!

I know I am not the only internet fiend culling all of the goodies all over the web. My biggest issue (other than the only tan I get is from the LED glow of my monitor) is where to store my stash of ideas, recipes, crafts, party ideas and every other thing I think is worth saving on the web.  If I were 60,  I would be killing trees left and right by printing this crap out. But, no, I’m rather PC and I try to do everything digitally. I am a OneNote junkie and usually store all of my stuff there.  But, that requires highlighting, copying, pasting – wasting precious time and I could miss the next, greatest THING dammit! But, then Pinterest came into my love and I am in NERDY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been on there for a little over a week (lost track of time while I was in YEARBOOK HELL) and I have 30 boards and 365 pins. I shit you not – I collect a lot of stuff! But only the good stuff, ya know – like lemon vodka slushie recipes (now that’s a party!).  Now I was nice enough to link to the recipe and have it open in a different window so you don’t have to even leave my site – hows that for convenience!!! Who loves you huh?

So you can create all sorts of “boards” to store your pins.  Pinterest gives you a few boards with some boring titles but you can come up with your own.  I like the slightly vulgar “Party In My Mouth” for tasty tidbits and of course stole it from someone else.  But, you get the drift.  I also installed a little bookmarklet so that whenever I come across something I need to keep, just click the little button and I can pin my new found thing to one of my boards. Also, you can “repin” other people’s pins so you don’t even have to go trolling for your own goodies, you can scroll through other people’s stuff and pin it to your boards. Voila! Instant boards with cool stuff!  Here is a screenshot of some of my boards:


Now, I guess Pinterest wants to feel all exclusive so you need an invite to start pinning.  But, you know me.  So comment and ask me nicely and I will send you an invite.  So come follow me on Pinterest (very easy like Twitter @kasesq94 and check out my goodies….and I want to get a hold of your goodies too – get your mind out of the gutter people!!!!

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