Ready For Some Spring Cleaning?

Ready For Some Spring Cleaning?

So the clocks “sprung” ahead this past weekend and so our thoughts turn to those of Spring…Cleaning! Does that get you excited? Yeah I know, not so much.  But, it is a good time to declutter and deep clean. Think of all the germs that have been gathering in our homes and incubating during the winter months.  Time for some fresh air and a clean home.

One of the biggest things I am battling, besides the clutter monster, is soap scum.  This crap is just impossible to get off!!! Even elbow grease doesn’t do the trick!  I hate seeing that gross film on the shower tub and enclosure.  Hell, I can’t even see well through the glass at this point.  Yeah, I know that is pretty gross.  Well, I’ve been trying different products with no luck. Some of them stink so bad, I nearly passed out before I escaped the bathroom and, of course, the soap scum remained.  So I was perusing Pinterest the other day and of course, a fellow soap scum hater came to the rescue That is how I found Jen at Life, Crafts & Whatever with her magical soap scum killa recipe.

Pretty easy too: White Vinegar (magical stuff really) and Blue Dawn Dishwasher Detergent…heated up.  Spray it on that disgusting soap scum and it magically disappears.  Seriously.  That is it.  I am going to try it and post my results.  I don’t know if I am brave enough to take “before” pictures though.  Take a look at Jen’s “before” pictures – mine would be not much different.

Let me know if you tried her recipe and your results.  Do you have your own recipe or trick to getting rid of this stubborn problem?

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  1. I am going to go home and try this.  I hate soap scum and have tried everything out there and still it doesn’t come completely clean.

  2. yes…i love when spring comes.  windows open and i love cleaning with bleach, even tho i tend to use vinegar for most of my cleaning…inexensive and it really works. 

    •  @crazynutsmom  I have been steadfastly avoiding the bathroom as much as possible (except for easy surface cleaning) in the cleaning routine but it is something that needs to be done. The last time I attempted to eradicate the soap scum I ended up sweating like some sort of a farm animal and defeated.  This time I expect to prevail!

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