Score! Leather Club Chair Under $1000!

Score! Leather Club Chair Under $1000!

Our den looks a little sad these days…the comfy chair in the corner had seen Better days and when Bella decided to totally ruin it by peeing on it (guess it was the push I needed) out it went.  I envisioned a cozy, leather club chair there with a cream afghan thrown over the back.  It would be the perfect reading nook especially in the winter with the fireplace crackling beside it. I was a bit dismayed by the prices I was seeing…some as high as $3000!!

So Matt needed some lacrosse gear and we took a drive over to Modells in Freeport.  That store bores me to tears. I can take about 15 minutes and I have to escape.  Luckily for me, there is a Pier One Imports a few stores down.  I can seriously get lost in there with a plethora of pillows, tableware, decorations and furniture to get lost in.  But, I came to a sudden halt just as I walked in the door…the perfect leather chair was right in front of me.  I cringed as I turned over the price tag but suddenly brightened – $895.  Ok, I could handle that. With cats, I was not dropping $3,000 on a chair – no way.  But now, I could start picturing this chair in my den.

I try never to buy anything full price.  Pier One always has sales so I bided my time. Sure enough, the Roan Club Chair popped up on sale for $589.98! I immediately ordered it online and had it shipped to the store for free shipping. A week later it was in, we picked it up, brought it home and Dan assembled it (which was minimal). I found a beautiful crocheted afghan hidden away in my closet which would fit my picture of this cozy corner and it was perfect:

Just what I wanted! Don’t you love when a vision can come to fruition? Just needs me with a cup of coffee!

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