Mercury in Retrograde

So I have had a run of crappy luck these last couple of days. Back in the late 90s when we had plenty of time on our hands, Felicia and I would notice that when bad and funky things kept happening, Mercury would be in retrograde. Sure enough, I checked the cosmic calendar and good ole Mercury is in retrograde! So far, I have lost things, Ryan bit through his lip, the mortgage and real estate market is tanking, one of my largest clients has turn tail and run because of bad publicity and I smashed my cell phone in the car door. I think I have had enough.
Other than all this bothersome nonsense, it was a pretty good weekend. We got the rest of the chair rails up in the dining room and living room and painted the top portion “Versatile Gray”. It is a beigey gray and looks wonderful! What a pain in the ass to move all the furniture, empty my china cabinet (that was particularly torturous putting all my china and irreplaceable crystal on my dining room table – which becomes an automatic child magnet) take down curtains etc. – but it was definately worth it.
Matty had another bowling birthday party on Sunday so I tagged along with Ryan (cause if I didn’t get Ryan out of the house and away from my china I would have strangled him) and got the lane next to the party. Ryan, embarrassingly enough, beat me the first game but then I warmed up and beat the pants off of the little kids.
I also managed to create a scrapbook LO – I scrapbooked my birthday celebration in 2000. Felicia, Donna and my other friends took me out – rented a limo, went to NYC and had dinner at Lucky Changs. This place is run by transvestites and sure made for an interesting dinner. Of course, they made sure I got pulled into the show and Felicia gave the “guy” (I use the term loosely) some extra money to make it special. They made it special alright – I was the SHOW! But everyone knows, I am a good sport and of course I realize I could never top that one so I let that stand as the greatest birthday chop busting ever. I have to scan some more pix to make a page two for this LO!

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