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The Offended Thing Has Got to Go!

The Offended Thing Has Got to Go!

What happened to our world? Since when are we such an offended culture? Case in point – I did one of those inane tests on Facebook.  They are meant to be funny – it’s random.  Here is a screenshot of one I recently did called “Be Like Bill”:


Now, correct me if I am wrong, this little meme is poking fun at those people who purposely shave off their eyebrows and draw them back in.  They look ridiculous.  There are posts full of silly pictures drawing dots on themselves or strange eyebrow expressions.  You know you have seen them.

So I get a comment on my post from someone I am not even friends with. Someone who felt the need to throw her 2 cents in.  Here is a screenshot of the comment (I’m not going to even get into the awful grammar):


Seriously? This woman doesn’t even know me and she automatically thinks I’m making fun of cancer patients?! What kind of a person assumes that?! 
I’m not a malicious person.  But, I do love a good laugh. Our culture has become far too sensitive and it seems they are drawing the line between comedy and offensive way too conservatively.  We should lighten up and not think the worst of everyone – it makes the world a happier place. Or, at the very least, don’t comment on someone’s timeline you don’t even know!

I’m going to continue to post things I find funny on my Facebook timeline and perhaps one day, I won’t get a snarky comment like this one. 

A Very Good Friday Indeed

A Very Good Friday Indeed

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Nor’easter of 2010: The Silver Lining

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The Magic of Miche