Wantagh Park Pool: Lots of Fun in the Sun But Don’t You Dare Take a Picture of It!

Wantagh Park Pool: Lots of Fun in the Sun But Don’t You Dare Take a Picture of It!

We recently bought a season pass to Wantagh Pool because the consensus among the moms was that Wantagh Pool was the best bang for the buck. From the Nassau County website:

  • A swimming complex (fee required) includes an Olympic-sized main pool, a diving pool, a “kiddie” pool, training pool, an interactive water-play area and two water slides (30 foot). In December 2006, the pool at Wantagh Park was named “Best Public Pool on Long Island ” byLong Island Press, the weekly newspaper. The pool will open on June 27, 2010, and remains open through Labor Day.
  • The pool complex includes various conveniences, including lockers, showers, a concession stand, and lounge and deck chairs.
  • Hours: Mon.-Sun., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Fees (daily): resident adult, $7; resident child (4-17 years of age), $5; resident senior, disabled, vol. firefighter, ambulance corps auxiliary police, veterans, $3; non-resident adult, $25, non-resident senior & child, $19. ALeisure Pass is required for residents to receive the resident rate. Seasonal passes are also available for residents with Leisure Passes, with rates as follows: families ($225); individuals ($90); and seniors ($50).


The slides are magnificent! The kids really love them and as long as the line isn’t too long, will go up and down over and over again (last week one slide was closed).  The interactive water park was a big hit with my son, Ryan – he could play there happily for hours.  We have a great mix of kids as well – one of the moms formed a facebook group for our “Camp” – Camp ScarVilla – a mash up of Jen & Gina’s last names as the founder of the Camp last year.  So throw a little tech into the mix and everyone knows what the camp is meeting up. Last week, at one point, we had 24 kids at the pool!!!

Now the only fly in the ointment (ugh I know – something my mom used to say) is that there is a rule – no cameras or video on the pool deck.  You won’t find it on the County website either – just a green sign posted on the fence outside.  We were dismayed – taking pictures is a major part of how we document our summer. We managed to sneak a few pictures anyway. Who ever heard of a camera ban rule at a County park??? I can imagine what precipitated it – some jerk teen taking pix of people and posting it on facebook to make fun of someone.  Thanks a lot jerk!!!

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    • I agree…it is a difficult rule especially because we love to take pictures. But, it said no pictures/video on pool deck so I took pictures from up top above the concession stand. Can’t very well argue with that, can they lol?

  1. Levittown pools (free) used to have the same rule… safety reasons they said… broken glass if the camera dropped and cracked the lense.  Now they don’t say anything… taking photos all summer.  My guess is if that was the real reason for no cameras, then they should have to ban cell phones too.  

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