Long Island Needs More Farmers’ Markets Starting with Manhasset

Long Island Needs More Farmers’ Markets Starting with Manhasset

I am very excited to have Mary Ann Jones from Thrive Naturally featured here as a guest blogger on Long Island Chick. If you don’t know her, you should. 


I love Sunday mornings in Manhasset, everything seems possible in the morning, with the whole day still ahead. The less hectic vibe of Sunday is an opportunity to reset and collect your thoughts for the week.

I have lived in Manhasset for 17 years and have, more often than not, taken to the quiet streets of Sunday mornings for long walks. Whether alone or with friends I am always appreciative that I live in such a beautiful place.

It is with this hope, my faith in the potential of Sunday mornings, that I suggest a seasonal Farmer’s Market. The barren, weekend LIRR parking lot seems to lie-in-wait of such a thing. How lovely it would be to stop by after church to pick up local, organic strawberries in the spring. How inspiring to find raw honey from Long Island bees after your morning run all summer and perhaps some fresh apple cider in the fall after you drop off the kids at soccer practice. Can you taste it?

I see the Farmer’s Market as a place to feed our bodies but also our minds and souls. What a positive visual for our community and families. Let’s remind our children that fruit and vegetables are actually grown, that the imperfections of non-industrial food are to be embraced. Let’s challenge ourselves by promoting real food that isn’t shrink wrapped, bagged or boxed. Celebrate food that doesn’t need a nutrition label!

I see local businesses involved, promoting themselves and the best they have to offer. I have done a lot of detective work for my health coaching & nutrition clients and they are surprised that they can find nutrish AND delish choices right here in Manhasset. This would be an opportunity for us to highlight the wealth of choices we already have. My hope is that it would also encourage new business into Manhasset. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our town was seen as a beacon of health and wellness prompting a new juice bar to open on Plandome Road?!

So, Manhasset… What do you think?  Do you agree that a Sunday Farmer’s Market would be a great addition to our community?  If so, please visit http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/we-want-a-farmers-market-in-manhasset/ to sign an online petition to express our community’s interest in this concept. I will also post a link on my website ThriveNaturally.com. The more support we get, the more likely this can become a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference. Why live when you can thrive.


MaryAnn Jones, Holistic Nutritionist

C E R T I F I E D  H E A L T H  C O A C H,  A A D P



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