No Photo Is Better Left Untouched!

No Photo Is Better Left Untouched!

Most photographs, even professional ones, can benefit from some retouching.  Some need to be put through a thorough workflow to correct white balance, exposure issues or some may just need little tweaks here and there.  Lightroom and Photoshop offer a myriad of ways to correct problems and allow photographers to be creative with their photos.  I enjoy working with MCP Actions for Photoshop – I recently picked up Jodi’s Fusion and Eye Doctor Actions and played around with them a bit.

I decided to try something subtle on this picture of my son Ryan from his first trip to Disney World at the age of 18 months:

The tweaks enhanced his eyes and the catch lights, while smoothing his skin and making it more creamy.

I’ll be playing around with these actions to see what other recipes I can come up with to enhance my photos!

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