Losing Really Sucks Doesn’t It?

Losing Really Sucks Doesn’t It?

We tell our kids all the time, losing is a part of life – Be gracious blah, blah, blah. But who really wants to be gracious about it? Losing sucks. But, if we don’t try, we never give ourselves the opportunity to succeed either.  Moreover, everything we do, our children are watching. We teach important life lessons when we try and don’t succeed but the most important lesson is in how we handle that loss.

So I stuck my neck out and ran for PTA President…and lost.  I didn’t lose because the two current co-presidents are fantastic and well loved.  Far from it.  I lost because they scared up more people than I did. Which, is the epitome of politics. So, how one handles it from here shows exactly what one was made of.  I could be petty – I have a strong voice on Facebook and with other parents. But I won’t because that is just not the kind of person I am. I’m not going to wish them well either however – I’m not a fool.  They have run our PTA into the ground with their incompetence and nastiness and I will still be there when other parents and teachers need help because that is what I do.

Did I need the PTA tiara – no.  Did I want the job? Yes – because I would have done a damn, good job.

Ah, I think some ice cream is in order…

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