And I Thought It Was Just Me: Don’t Call Please – TEXT!

And I Thought It Was Just Me: Don’t Call Please – TEXT!

I hate the phone. Did I mention that I HATE THE PHONE! I find chatting on the phone to be a colossal waste of time.  I consider myself to be the “anti-female” – no hanging on the phone all day gossiping about…well…everyone.  When my phone rings, I sigh with exasperation.  When I was practicing, I made it clear to potential clients that they can IM, email, or text to contact me but don’t call and expect me to pick up the phone (at least I made it clear, right?). So when they would invariably call me and I didn’t answer (as I said I wouldn’t), they got the message. If you contact me electronically, you would get an instant answer or at least within the octave (as my mom would say).  I sometimes had big client electronic conversations at 2am because half the time I can’t sleep anyway.


One of the nice things about electronic conversations is that it is in writing – there is a record (I know…the lawyer is rearing its ugly head).  So you can’t misquote me and we avoid misunderstandings. You can’t tell me I said “A”, when “B” is right there in writing.

In actuality, I would prefer to talk in person over talking on the phone – isn’t that a switch right? Maybe it has to do with being able to give someone my undivided attention.  If we are talking on the phone, I guarantee you I am doing a thousand other things (even if it is just picking at my toenails…TMI?) and I really don’t feel like hearing you ask me if I am doing something else.  Of course I am doing something else! I’m always doing something else! If you feel the need to talk to me, then lets get together over coffee or take a walk so I can give you what you deserve – my full attention.  Don’t we all deserve that at times? If it isn’t important enough to meet in person, text me. You will actually get a better response than holding me prisoner on the phone.

So that is my take on the texting thing – it is a wonderful, quick and painless way to communicate – I would be lost without my unlimited texting (believe you me I take full advantage of that!).  So if you want to talk to me, TEXT!

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  1. I don’t like to talk on the phone OR text!   I keep my phone off all day… I like to talk to people in person, or to new blogging friends on email.  that is it!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    and happy spring!

  2. I rarely talk on the phone on my “off” time. When I was young, phone talk was amazing. Loved talking to my friends endlessly about nothing. Though, mostly we were talking about boys. 🙂  Anyway, I’m pretty good on the phone at work. But I’m very responsive via email. I asked my boss if we could get IM for texting colleagues at work rather than having to actually email / call or walk over.  I mean really…sometimes it’s a “yes/no” question and that’s really all I need. But, alas, the IT group doesn’t support this, and due to security, etc., can’t do it if not supported. 

    •  @KIMBERLY_CAROL Ugh that stinks! We used IM extensively in my office – you can also share larger files that way – there is no limit unlike email.

  3. I laughed when I read this.  Most of my friends are like this and me too. My problem is I don’t use a cell phone at all. Don’t want the radiation, but that is another story.  I agree that using email or IM or texting if you have a portable radiation device as I call them is so much better.  But, there are the few occasions that I want to hear a sweet voice.  But, not for 2 hours. My elbow locks up and my arm kills me not to mention my poor ears. lol My dd is the only young person I know that isn’t tied to her cell phone the moment she gets home from work.@jeanpatchbymk, @sunshinefarmgirlcoop

    •  @marjeanfarmgirl  @sunshinefarmgirlcoop I get that nasty crick in my neck from trying to hold the phone between my ear and shoulder…its just not pretty!

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