Give the Most Precious Gift of All: Your Time

Give the Most Precious Gift of All: Your Time

Our time is truly our most precious commodity.  We are always so busy doing something or going somewhere.  This is the age of multitasking – I used to boast about carrying on more than 5 conversations at once – texting, instant messaging and email. Now, I don’t necessarily think that is quite as impressive as giving someone your undivided attention – especially our children. Many of the mom bloggers out there have infants and toddlers – take heed: THEY GROW UP QUICK!  Before you know it, that little cherub of a son will be busy with his own friends and you will be wondering where the time went and why you didn’t spend more time with him when you were his whole world.

Today, I decided to do just that – give my son, Ryan, my undivided attention.  I asked him to come out back with me to survey the yard and garden.  It is such a beautiful day and I wanted to get some fresh air. Ryan, as long as you aren’t asking him to go to Walbaums (heaven forbid!), is happy to do what ever you would like to do.  He promptly put his sneakers on and we went outside.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and I love seeing the plants push through the soil. It is also the time for us to do some yard cleanup as we never really accomplish that in the fall.  My one rose bush has shot up to be taller than me – we walked over there to admire its tenacity when I noticed a bottle of bubbles.  These scented bubbles (green apple) were in Ryan’s Easter basket.  Like finding hidden treasure, Ryan said “ooooooohh” and reached for them.  You know your boy is still a child as long as he can enjoy blowing bubbles.  So we sat down on the steps of the deck and blew bubbles together:

I was very content to just watch him blow bubbles and enjoy his delight in blowing some huge bubbles and catching them, especially after last week.  The accident changed my perspective a bit I think – makes me appreciate the little things because it is these little things that sometimes count the most.

So, go out there and give your child your undivided attention and create some memories!


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  1. So True. I have to remind myself every day how quick my little girl will grow up and that I need to make sure I”m spending time with her. It’s funny you make your blog your business so that you can spend more time with your family and then sometimes your business blog if not careful can take too much time away from your family.  So thanks for the reminder it’s a great one!

    •  @Mompreneurmogul You are so right – often the internet can take over our lives because it is a reflection of our life.  We are always thinking about the next post etc.  

  2. Wow good for you for doing that!  I agree with you though it is so hard with all the social ways in which we have to talk.  I know I spend way more time on my laptop then I do with my kids.  And your so right, they do grow up so fast!!  
    I am a follower now.  Come and visit me if you can!  Thanks.

  3. You are so right.  I have been really challenged lately to really pay attention to my children.  I just recently wrote a post about a quote from Howard Hendricks.  He said the “secret of concentration is elimination.”  That’s so true with our kids.  I have had to eliminate the cell phone, computer, so many of my beloved electronic devices to make sure I am spending time with the kids.  Thanks for reminding us that kids to grow up so so fast.

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