Friday the 13th – LOOK OUT!!!!

I am not particularly superstitious but the combination of Friday the 13th sure makes me alert. I get a daily horoscope from and a Daily Forecast. Today’s Daily Forecast starts off like this: “Strange forces are on the prowl as a powerful New Moon in the sign of Cancer approaches exactitude.” Great – I like to avoid the “strange forces” – they tend to create waves for me that I don’t like. What I do like is that Mercury is no longer in retrograde lol. So today I am going to workout with Geri at 10:00am cause I miss my girlfriend who has been MIA on the party front lately and then I have a 1pm closing in the office with Felicia. Now the 13th kicks in because I know they are trying to put on a 4pm closing with this lying piece of shit mortgage broker and I know its going to be a disaster. Lets add the fact that Danny doesn’t get home until somewhere between 5:30pm and 6pm to the mix and it gets really hairy. Cause I can definitely predict it is going to be a late and draining day for me. Let’s hope I am wrong.

So I have been busy making rain for the firm thanks to my friend Ed Ainbinder, Regional Vice President for ResMae. So I am more networking these days then practicing law but (thanks again Geri!). Ed has been instrumental in introducing me to a bunch of mortgage brokers and his other account execs (who are introducing me to more mortgage brokers). I have met some fantastic people and starting to develop wonderful relationships. What I love about this business is the bizarre factor of the people we work with – it really runs the gamut to normal everyday people to the oddballs. The oddballs definitely make it fun and that’s ok. Thank God for my staff (and they know it) for without them I couldn’t be out there beating the bushes for new business during these dark times for the real estate industry. We are looking forward to Casino Night next Thursday, hosted by RELS title – going to be lots of fun and we get to schmooze with old and new friends.

So I have also, oddly enough, been able to spend some more time with the kids. I have to share this picture of Matty I took the other morning. He has been working his way through Sandra Lee’s Cool Kids Cookbook. On the morning I took this picture he made her Waffle Wheels for Breakfast (two waffles with peanut butter and bananas between them – can’t be a bad thing). Since then he has made Oreo Cheesecake, Breakfast Fruit Parfait and Orange Fizzy Drinks (all with some help of course LOL!).

You can tell from the look on Ryan’s face that the Waffle Wheels were, indeed heavenly!

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