First Day of School

So we have survived the first week of school! Both boys this year are in school full time and it is a big change for us. So strange to come home to an empty house. Emily is now officially a Scanlon & Pinto chick until school ends each day.

Matty is a second grader now and an old hand at the school thing. He was excited to go back and see his friends. A good student, he really enjoys learning and the whole school experience. He even had homework the first day! Ryan started kindergarten and walked in without a problem. The first day is usually easy – the little ones are so excited – its the second day when they fall apart. Through the rest of the week I saw some kids in hysterics and felt so bad for them. Some take longer to adjust then others. On the first day, Ryan held a class survey, he asked his classmates “whoever wants to invite me over for a playdate, just raise your hand” and one kid actually did! Then he comes home and tells us “that girl” said we have gym tomorrow. I could see I needed to teach him his teacher’s name at that point!

Picture of First Day of School boys:

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