Coffee Catastrophe…AVERTED!

Coffee Catastrophe…AVERTED!

I, like most adults, must have my morning coffee.  MUST.  I have a Keurig machine to make the process of getting the caffeine into my bloodstream as easy as possible. Now, on occasion, I run out of the little K-Cups. That occasion occurred this morning.  I figured ok, no worries, I have that sampler box that came with the Keurig. I’ll just have to go down to the pantry in our basement (ugh another set of stairs to navigate???) , grab a K-Cup and be merrily on my way to my caffeinated high.  So I trudged downstairs, grabbed the box from the pantry and opened in in my kitchen:

By now, panic has set in.  What am I going to do? How am I going to even drive Matty to the bus stop? Think. Think. THINK!!!  Maybe one fell out onto the pantry floor that has some umpfh to it? Wait! Didn’t Santa put some K-Cup boxes under the tree for me? I think he did that wonderful, fat man (talking about Santa)! Praying I didn’t already use up my Santa stash, I trudged back down the stairs and peered into the dark recesses of the pantry.  Way in the back on the bottom of the shelf, I saw:

The Hard Stuff!!!!!!

Ahhhh!!!! Thank the Coffee Gods! Not only caffeinated but a nice, dark roast! The kind of coffee that, as my Dad would say, “will put hair on your chest”! Not that I want hair on my chest or have any but, yeah I know TMI.

Happy Friday everyone and hopefully if you need your caffeine infusion like I do, you got it on this lovely Friday!!!


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  1. Hahaha, wonderful! Well written. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Tea for weenies….uhum, oh well, I guess I’m a weenie. Going to make me some weenie-juice right now 😉 LOL!! Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by earlier.


  2. LOL no offense! I need that strong coffee flavor – I drink tea when I have a cold though. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  3. Hahaha! I actually lol’d at the “tea is for weenies” comment! I say this all the time. Last week I had this same situation,but found nothing but pumpkin spice(eww) & cafe mocha(yuck). So I drove to 711 each morning for a week to get my coffee lol. Gotta have it!

  4. Girl after my own heart! The flavored coffees might as well be flavored water – they do absolutely nothing!

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