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Pinterest – My New Fav Site!

Pinterest – My New Fav Site!

I know I am not the only internet fiend culling all of the goodies all over the web. My biggest issue (other than the only tan I get is from the LED glow of my monitor) is where to store my stash of ideas, recipes, crafts, party ideas and every other thing I think is… Continue Reading

Kinect – the Wii Killer!

I feel like our lives changed forever on Thursday – we purchased Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox360. I was intrigued by the Zumba fitness game (upcoming release date November 26, 2010) and since my birthday is coming up, decided to jump in and buy Kinect as an early birthday present. Kinect comes with a game –… Continue Reading

Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Photoshop CS5′s New Content Aware Fill

Probably one of the most frustrating aspects of photography is annoying distractions in your candid photos. How many times did you snap that perfect shot of your kids only to notice later that there was a pole, a miscellaneous person or some unsightly thing marring your masterpiece. Photoshop users had some decent tools to deal with these blemishes but they were by no means perfect..until now.

Photoshop CS5 features “content aware” fill technology. Content Aware Fill uses the image details to recreate areas that are removed to match its surroundings. For example, if you have a tree branch extending over the side of building, then you can select the tree branch and use the content aware fill feature to replace the tree branches with a pattern that matches the building’s bricks. This amazing feature lets you easily remove unwanted details from images such as wires, trees and even buildings without leaving a gaping hole where the object used to be. It virtually eliminates the time consuming touch up work required after removing items.
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Waiting for UPS Man to Deliver my iPad!

So my shipping status finally changed this morning from China to Jamaica, NY (although I have yet to see those magic words “Out for Delivery”) and I am anxiously waiting for that brown truck to pull up in front of my house.  I already informed my husband that I would not leave the house until… Continue Reading

The Magic of Miche