Breakfast of Champions: Tater-Tot Casserole

Breakfast of Champions: Tater-Tot Casserole

My family loves tater-tots for that pop-in-the-mouth factor and we just plain devour them.   They are just little, individual hash browns and what better to make a giant frittata with as a base?  I felt a little like Uncle Buck when the kids were whispering “he’s cooking our garbage” but well, although it isn’t necessarily picturesque, it sure is tasty!

First, I defrosted them and the browned them in the skillet (coat liberally with non-stick spray because they tend to get pretty sticky).  Next, I added eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon bits.  You could throw in pretty much anything you have on hand – veggies too!  Once the eggs set, it was ready to go and, of course, my boys simply ate this right up.  What a delicious breakfast and full of protein too!

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