Another hot day on board for us on Long Island. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Oakwood Beach Club – it was perfect! Matty & Ryan had a blast swimming in the pool with Emily. Matty and Tommy had a cannonball contest. Emily had her first brown bonnet ice cream – it is an extraordinary sensory experience. Donna, Kailey & Nicholas joined us – so nice to a have a little group! Nicky loved the pool and Kailey enjoyed going in the big pool too with Ryan and Emily. Kailey also played with the boys on the pirate ship. By the time we got home, the boys were laying on the couch, exhausted. Thank God for central air!!! We waited for Danny to get home and hear how his first day at Skanska was. He got home about 6:15pm and we had Mexican for dinner – nice and easy.

So Danny came home with all sorts of Skanska branded material – a briefcase, hat, mug, bottle opener, toothbrush, pen etc. He also brought home a giant binder chock full of information on their policies, benefits, retirement plans etc. It is somewhat overwhelming – we aren’t used to the corporateness of it all. Should have seen it coming when he actually got a formal offer letter – who does that???? Everything looks fantastic and I am looking forward to dropping our health insurance coverage – Skanska’s is so much better – includes dental and vision.

Over the weekend, Danny & I went to the skate shop near Cedar Creek Park and picked up new rollerblades for Matty & I. Big difference from the old skates – no more hard plastic boot. Also, the wheels are much larger and the wheel base is longer. I took a picture of them – mine are the real girly ones lol.

I broke mine in at Cedar Creek – Danny went running while I bladed on the path that runs down alongside the Wantagh Parkway to the beach. I did 3 miles and was sweating like a farm animal. Afterwards we went home (showered of course) and I met Donna for a manicure/pedicure at Angel Tips. It was a nice way to share in her birthday (Happy Birthday Donna!!!!). Went home, laid around and then Danny & I went to Grand Luxe Cafe for dinner (gotta dig those make ahead desserts!) and did a little shopping at Roosevelt Field Mall.

I also signed up for another class at Big Picture Scrapbooking – Life’s Little Essentials. So I have been busy documenting all of my daily routines, the things I eat, drink, drive etc. The ladies in this class are going to think I am a drunk lol. See the picture below of the things I drink. Two bottles of wine (note they are open and half full – no cork – just the wine vacuum thing-a-ma-gig) out of the refrigerator are part of the vignette.

It is fun though, and nice to provide an ordinary snapshot in time – I will post more when the album starts to come together.

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  1. YAY!! Your photo shoot went so well!! Look at all those yummy beverages! I love that Pinot Grigio – we had some of it a few weeks ago – delish!

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