So the 4th of July this year fell on a Wednesday which stunk. The best days are Tuesday or Thursday because everyone tends to take the extra day, i.e. Monday or Friday depending on where the holiday falls. But this year, the 4th fell smack in the middle screwing everything up. I was happy we were able to close the office early on Tuesday at 2pm – at least it made up a little for the holiday’s bad location on the weekly calendar. The other offending issue was the lousy weather. I don’t remember the 4th being so miserable as it was this year. At least the rain held off till the evening, but it was cool and overcast – not pool, barbeque or fireworks weather thats for sure! Not that we had fireworks either. Danny didn’t pick any up this year for fear of our new police-calling neighbor (we think its the idiot with the Christmas Eve Karaoke Party that we called the cops on because we couldn’t take listening to him belt out, at the top of his drunk lungs with a microphone, “Sweet Caroline” at 3am).

We did get to Cedar Creek Park in Wantagh in the morning though. I had promised Matty that I would teach him how to rollerblade and Cedar Creek has an outdoor roller rink. So we headed out with all our gear (I am a pad wearing blader – no reason to end up with an unsightly skinned knee or worse, a broken wrist, all in the name of fun). The rink was basically empty except for a girl cruising around – turned out she was an instructor and worked at Hot Skates. She did give Matty a few pointers which was very kind. So he got all padded up and slipped the skates on and we hit the rink. In no time, he was striking out on his own like a pro. Now, we have to get him a decent pair of skates – the cheaper the skate, the crappier the wheel and the more work you have to do to get a decent stride. The next victim will have to be Ryan but he isn’t ready yet, LOL!

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